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Vintage Halloween Jig Saw Puzzle

Vintage Halloween Jig Saw Puzzle

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Prepare for a nostalgic journey through the enchanting and eerie world of vintage Halloween with our Vintage Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle. This treat is designed for puzzle enthusiasts and Halloween aficionados who appreciate precision and love in their puzzles. Each meticulously crafted piece captures the essence of Halloween's past.


  • Quality Materials: This chipboard jigsaw puzzle is expertly crafted for a satisfying experience.
  • Puzzle Pieces: With 295 pieces, it's the ideal challenge for your Halloween puzzle adventure.
  • Finished Puzzle Size: Once complete, the puzzle measures 15" x 15.5", making it a captivating addition to your Halloween decor.
  • Shaped Puzzle: A unique twist that adds an extra layer of delight to the puzzle-solving experience.
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