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Unicorn Kin + Authenticity Lesson Book

Unicorn Kin + Authenticity Lesson Book

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Empower your little ones with our Unicorn Kin Set – comprising of a darling companion, an enchanting book, and an affirmation card. Nurture a positive self-image that leads to courageous exploration, skill mastery, and lasting bonds.


Unicorn embraces her uniqueness and radiates confidence, inspiring children to embrace their true selves and shine bright. As young hearts interact and celebrate each other, they learn to treasure authenticity and foster resilient relationships.


Unicorn kin becomes the ideal playmate, supporting children as they navigate their world, discover new horizons, and foster self-assurance. Our thoughtfully crafted set aims to unleash inner bravery and encourage the beauty of being genuine.


Cherish a journey of self-discovery and resilience with our unicorn kin set – a bundle of inspiration and comfort, tailored to bedtime tales, playful adventures, and cherished moments.


  • Skillfully designed without detachable plastic components, offering caretakers peace of mind
  • Kin measures 6" width x 14" length
  • Luxuriously soft and silky fur, perfect for endearing hugs
  • Filled with hypoallergenic fiberfill for comfort


Machine washable, air dry

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