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SPEAK like Maya: Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft Kit

SPEAK like Maya: Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft Kit

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Embrace the radiance of Dr. Maya Angelou's Inspiration with the SPEAK like Maya Rainbow Wall Hanging Craft Kit. Just as Maya fearlessly championed her beliefs through her eloquent words, poems, and performances, this kit empowers a special girl to embrace her own voice and the impact it holds.


Guided by one of Dr. Maya Angelou's renowned quotes, she'll embark on creating a vibrant wall hanging that echoes the colors of a rainbow. With color-coordinating yarn and complementing pom-poms, she'll craft a mesmerizing pattern on the braided seagrass rainbow. Alternatively, she can let her imagination run wild, designing a unique masterpiece. Beyond mere decor, this creation serves as a constant reminder of the profound influence of kindness.

Inside each rainbow wall hanging craft kit, all essentials await:


Encourage the blossoming artist to channel her inner rainbow and celebrate the uplifting legacy of Maya Angelou. The Rainbow Wall Hanging Kit is a testament to the beauty of self-expression and the transformative power of spreading kindness.



  • 1 Braided Seagrass "Rainbow"
  • 9 Different Shades of Yarn in Rainbow Colors
  • 7 Matching Pom-Poms
  • String for Hanging
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