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Sloth Snuggler + Routines Intro Book

Sloth Snuggler + Routines Intro Book

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Ease into dreamland with the Sloth Snuggler by nurture tranquil bedtime rituals for your little ones. Our adorable Sloth offers a calming embrace. As the day's excitement subsides, this plush companion helps them unwind, soothing both body and mind.


Designed for bedtime comfort, this snuggler becomes a treasured lovie, ushering in serenity. By instilling wholesome routines and harmonizing rhythms tailored to children's needs, caregivers nurture independence and strengthen their loving bond.

Product contains Sloth Snuggler, book ,and affirmation card.


  • Mindfully Crafted Without Detachable Plastic Parts, Ensuring Peace of Mind
  • Silky, Soft Fur for Cuddly Hugs
  • Stuffed with Hypoallergenic Fiberfill


Machine washable, air dry

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