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Otter Kin + Family Bonding Lesson Book

Otter Kin + Family Bonding Lesson Book

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At Henry + Olives, we invite you to experience the magic of our Otter Kin Plush Toy, Book, and Affirmation Card, a tender ensemble designed to celebrate the enduring bond between loved ones. Whether near or far, our Plush Otter is here to remind little ones that the love in our hearts keeps us close.


The Otter Kin Collection is an ideal choice for nurturing bonds within foster families, military families, and during challenging divorce situations, serving as a heartwarming reminder that love knows no distance.


  • Plush Otter: Our charming otter companion sparks imaginative play, fostering creativity and exciting adventures.
  • Removable Heart: Each Otter Kin arrives with a removable heart, a heartfelt keepsake to share with those we cherish, even when they're miles away.
  • Connection Heart: The collection includes a heartwarming book and an affirmation card, offering pathways to sustain connections, share stories, and exchange heartfelt letters and messages, bridging any gap with love.


Machine washable and air dry for your convenience.

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