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Believe White and Red Scallop 9" Plate

Believe White and Red Scallop 9" Plate

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Create a joyous ambiance at your holiday gatherings with our Scalloped Dinner Plates. Adorned in a timeless red and light cream color scheme, these plates effortlessly unify any Christmas party theme while providing an elegant canvas for your festive tablescape. What makes these plates even merrier is that they eliminate the need for post-party washing, ensuring you'll be comfortably in bed by the time Santa arrives!


At Henry + Olives, we understand the importance of convenience during the holiday season. With our Scalloped Dinner Plates, you can enjoy a festive celebration without the worry of post-party cleanup.


  • Set of Eight: Each package includes eight scalloped plates, offering the ideal quantity for your cherished guests.
  • Generous Size: These 9-inch square plates provide ample space for your delectable holiday dishes.
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