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How to Host a Spooky Halloween Party for Little Monsters

We are firm believers that a party requires three things: great food, fabulous decor, and most importantly, incredible company. It's no exception when throwing a party for kids. Hosting a fun celebration for your little ones doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming. Keep reading for our tips and tricks to throwing a memorable Halloween party that will have the neighborhood under your spell!


Unless you're throwing a party that's tailored around a meal, I always try to keep the time frame between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner so you aren't responsible for providing a sit down meal.

2-5 is my favorite time to have people over. Naps are done, kids are fed, and you have time before and after for prep and clean up. 

This is a great timeframe for snacks and desserts. For a spooky Halloween party, we filled our table with lots of great sweets and nibbles!

A serving board filled with Halloween sweets

We loaded up this board with snacks from Trader Joe's and Target. Don't be pressured into lots of baking unless you want to and have the time. Save that energy for enjoying the party with your little ones!

These spooky cookies were made with edible candy and pre-made cookie dough, and were a hit with kids and adults alike!

Load up your Reusable Halloween Tray with pretzel sticks, candy pumpkins, and whatever goodies you have on hand. 



We've rounded up our favorite Halloween decorations to make your party planning easier! We love the vintage holiday look with just a touch of spookiness. 

Vintage Halloween Reusable Straws 


Salem Apothecary Cat Plate


Vintage Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Plates



Salem Apothecary Boo Table Runner


Vintage Halloween 8" Cat Plate


Vintage Halloween Bamboo Platter



Be Afraid Cocktail Napkins

Halloween Mylar Pumpkin Balloon

Vintage Halloween Icon Banner

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